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Our Client-Centered Services Suit

We build advanced technology-powered solutions to deliver desired business results.

Our purposeful solutions enable our clients to understand their customer needs, leverage data, and develop product, business, and marketing strategies that align with their needs.  


Application Development

We build end-to-end enterprise-level web and mobile solutions that are modular, decentralized into separate smaller components or services, and compatible across different platforms through PWAs.

  • Full Stack Development

  • Support & Enhancement 

  • Cloud Service Integrations 

  • Software/Component Integration 

  • Custom API integrations & implementations

  • Legacy Modernization 

Software Architecture

At Inventyv Healthcare, we analyze the operational and technical requirements to design systems optimized for quality, performance, security, and maintainability.

  • Architecture Planning

  • Architecture Audit & Assessment

  • Legacy Architecture Modernization 

  • Architecture Implementation

  • Architecture Optimization & Support 

  • Microservices Implementation  


Quality Management

Our rigorous software testing practices are performed for multiple parameters like functionality, behavior, performance, scalability, and compatibility using manual and automated software testing services.

  • Quality Management Strategy & Methodologies 

  • Functional Quality Management (API testing, integration testing, etc.)

  • Test Advisory & Transformation

  •  Non-Functional Quality Management (load, performance, etc.) 

  • Automated software testing

  • End to End Quality Management 

Data Center Design & Operations

We design, manage, and operate data center infrastructures to optimize the uptime, safety, and sustainability of our products and solutions.

  • Conceptual & Physical Designing

  • Operation, Maintenance, & Monitoring  

  • Information Security Management 

  • Load Balance Planning  

  • Risk Management & Business Continuity 


Cloud & DevOps

Our team of experts embraces all security and deployment best practices and has years of experience deploying applications with custom scalability requirements in different environments: On-Premises, Google Cloud Platform, and Hybrid deployment.

  • DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning 

  • Cloud & DevOps Consulting 

  • Cloud & DevOps Managed Services 

  • Cloud DevOps Maturity Modelling 

  • End-to-End Implementation 

  • Infrastructure Management 

Security Specialization

Our security experts address Cyber Security, Privacy, Cloud Infrastructure, and Functional Safety Requirements to build trusted, connected platforms conforming to leading-edge frameworks such as ISO 270001 and NIST CyberSecurity Framework. 

  • Threat Modeling 

  • Security Assessments & Strategy Planning

  • Physical Security Implementation 

  • Cybersecurity Implementation

  • Network Security Implementation

  • Regular Updates and Patches 

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