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Our Story

Who We Are

Inventyv Healthcare is a highly energetic group of experienced professionals. We are a team with a mission:


"To be recognized as a quality global player in the field of software development".

We are a subsidiary of Inventyv Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Our team has worked together in the IT industry for more than 15 years. We were the early adopters of cutting-edge technologies like NoSQL storage systems, microservice architecture and JavaScript-based frameworks.

We are a performance-based company and value transparency.

What We Do

We empower HealthCare brands in Europe with our truly modern health management system that is the perfect addition to their healthcare products.  

Our clients manufacture a wide range of healthcare measurement devices and medical equipment. We keep those devices connected to the user’s PC and Smart Phones through our applications. We enable the user to access and analyze the measurement data and view it in a desired graphical presentation for the desired time frame. At the same time, our customers get helpful insights about their product usage and customer behavior. 

Our clients keep advancing their products, we keep advancing our solutions to cope with their advancements.  

Our solutions hold many strong capabilities including:

  • Intuitive navigations, offline capabilities, push notifications, multi-device synchronization, routine reminders, diary for notes, healthcare goals and target management.   

  • Meaningful User Engagement features 

  • Bluetooth Device communication

  • Speedy and secured data transfer through efficient syntax analysis

  • On demand graphical presentation of Health measurement data

  • Synchronization capabilities with Apple health and Google Fit 

  • Double Encryption - Request and response both encrypted

  • Encrypted local storage and local database in the mobile app 

  • Certificate Transparency 

  • Data Compliance as per EU standards  


At Inventyv Healthcare, we believe in teamwork and excellent communication while working on every project. We keep expanding our services and scope with the following USPs.

Experience & Domain Expertise

Our dedicated developers have a vast experience in developing the tax product, making tax season easy and profitable. Our developers are working on many web and mobile app projects with a knack for using cutting-edge tools in their respective domains.

High Standards & Business Ethics

At Inventyv Healthcare, we follow high standards of software development and believe in nurturing the business culture of ethics and accountability.

Ownership & Accountability

We take complete ownership of the client's projects and define accountability to ensure the development process at its best for every project in hand.

Adaptability for Advancements

Our experienced programmers stay updated with IT advancements and newer technologies, ensuring that the projects we deliver are future ready.

Flexibility & Scalability

You can scale up or down your team of developers in line with the project requirements. Our hiring models are highly flexible and cost-effective.

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