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Our Team

The Inventyv Healthcare Family

Inventyv Healthcare is a home away from home, where we work as a team for a common goal - to evolve constantly with the latest technologies while taking utmost care of our most valuable assets, our employees. Experience the ‘Work-life balance’ by working with us.

Our Core Values


We believe passion is the power behind all that we do and all that we are. We sincerely care about our team, the products we provide, and the success of our customers. Our company is based on the idea that people can accomplish amazing things when we all come together. 


We believe that people are reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious. Therefore, we empower our employees to express their ideas and feelings. Feedback from all areas of our team is welcomed. We believe that through trust and teamwork, we can create something truly unique.


We believe that respect is the cornerstone of effective communication and teamwork. We nurture an environment that stays away from big egos, political games, and scheming or controlling behaviour. Everyone deserves respect and a workplace where they can feel safe voicing their views.

Meet the Inventyv Healthcare Leadership Team

Chintan Vyas

Sr. Project Manager
Tech Innovation & Governance,
Prod. Dev., Cloud & DevOps

Pallavi Agrawal

Project Manager
IT Infra, HealthCare

Abhay Naik

Project Manager
Prod. Dev. - Features

Gayatri Sarvaiya

Project Manager
Design, Documentation

Shreena Shah

Team Leader
iOS, Android

Nishith Parikh

Head - HR

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